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School Bd. Dist. 4 results: Brooks and Green in runoff

Realtime results from this race follow. If you are not a subscriber, you may gain access by clicking the line of red type just above the Freshway ad on the homepage that reads, “First Time Users Sign Up HERE!” If you subscribe to the print edition, you can enter using data from the mailing label on your printed paper. Others can sign up using a credit card. Precinct 1, Concord: Robert E. Adams Jr. 15 James Brooks 32 Connie Green 47 Marty Wynn 25 Precinct Hollonville: Robert E. Adams Jr. 8 James Brooks 10 Connie Green 21 Marty Wynn 17 Precinct Molena: Robert E. Adams Jr. 30 James Brooks 142 Connie Green 87 Marty Wynn 70 Precinct 9, Advance: Robert E. Adams Jr. 15 James Brooks 52 Connie Green 34 Marty Wynn 22 Absentee: Robert E. Adams Jr. 1 James Brooks 9 Connie Green 6 Marty Wynn 1 Total: Robert E. Adams Jr. 69 James Brooks 245 Connie Green 195 Marty Wynn 135

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