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Seniors 70+ with L4 need to apply by July 24 for school tax break

Commissioners extended the school tax break application deadline for Pike seniors 70 and older who already have the L4 exemption.

Seniors who meet those requirements have until July 24 (the deadline for appeals) to apply. Income verification is not required since they have previously been approved for L4 exemption and most citizens will only need their ID to complete the paperwork.

Pike County tax commissioner Donna Chapman and chief tax appraiser Greg Hobbs addressed the board, asking for the extension, stating that many seniors simply were not aware of the additional tax break or that they needed to apply for it.

“When most of these seniors got their L4 exemption, they were told they would never have to reapply as long as there were no deed changes,” said Chapman. “These people have worked their tails off and now taxes are going up and everything costs more. Not everybody gets the newspaper or has social media or family to tell them they need to apply for this.”

She encouraged citizens to make sure those who are 70 and older know about the school tax break and get them to apply by the July 24 deadline.

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