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Somehow we have given in to chaos

By Kay S. Pedrotti

If you can figure out what our elected officials – of all kinds – are truly doing to uphold our laws and protect our people from charlatans and scammers, you’re a better person than I am. It’s all so crazy to me that I have sworn to give up watching news entirely.

The so-called arguments in favor of this side’s views, or the other side’s views, or somebody out of left field’s views, are truly difficult to follow.

What did he say? Who did she blame? Which bill is that? Why is everybody so quiet on the things that really matter?

Things that matter are feeding your family, being able to take trips now and then, belonging to local organizations that help others, being healthy and at ease as age increases, trying to give some comfort and pass on some wisdom to those younger than we are.

How many times have we heard from the politicians: “We have all the answers. Just listen, believe and everything will be all right.”

I challenge that deliberately and without prejudice on either side. Most of the time I think that old “joke” is accurate: how do you tell when politicians are lying? Their lips are moving.

Their lips move entirely too much for all the wrong reasons.

If I thought I had seen grandstanding and opponent-bashing before, I was wrong. Those attributes are coming into full flower now, regardless of party lines.

Okay, enough of this gloom and doom. By the time you read this, Easter will be over. I hope that all of us enjoyed that day, no matter what beliefs are held. I asked my dad once whether he really believed that Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead. He replied, “Well, my head tells me that’s impossible, but my heart tells me it’s true.” He was a man who worked with his brain, and loved with his heart, and I miss him very much.

Try to find a place this week to be by yourself, or with someone you love and trust, and just converse and meditate for a while.

Count your blessings. Let the Higher Power into your life. Do your best to be good to all people and to do what you are able to help those in need.

Give up making yourself get ulcers over politics – the right to disagree is one of the most powerful rights available in this great republic.

That doesn’t mean that “never the twain shall meet” as far as political parties are concerned.

They absolutely must find ways to work together, and to respect and appreciate each other. Otherwise, we’re confronted with a big bunch of self-serving clowns.

Kay S. Pedrotti has spent some 50 years writing for various newspapers, including the Pike County Journal Reporter and The Herald Gazette in Barnesville. She is a past president of Lamar Arts Inc. and now serves on the board of directors. She lives in Milner with her husband Bob Pedrotti.

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