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Above left, Jonathon Wyatt Sanford and Mollie Matthews pose with a cow at the milking station. Above center, second grade student Wyatt Hockman climbs on the tire of a tractor. Above right, Annikah Self brought back Farm Day as part of an ag project.

Student brings back Farm Day as a PCHS ag project

Annikah Self, a sophomore at Pike County High School, recently brought back Farm Day as her SAE project (Supervised Agricultural Experience) for her Agriculture class.

“Annikah felt this would be a great hands-on learning experience outside of the classroom for the students to experience and enjoy,” said Shannon Bartlett who helped her organize and orchestrate the event. “We started farm day with second graders instead of the kindergarten class to catch the students who had missed the event since Covid affected Farm Day and also because we could teach the students about agricultural areas that were linked with their class standards from the state of Georgia.”
Around 260 second graders attended and 28 students from the middle school, Ninth Grade Academy and high school, volunteered to help.

The primary school students learned about a variety of animals and reptiles and their dietary needs, they learned the process of milking dairy cows, they learned about plant propagation and how to get a seed to sprout, they also learned about honeybees and large farm equipment.

“We would like to thank the Pike County Agriculture Authority for allowing us to use Chestnut Oaks, Cattle Creek Farms for bringing the petting zoo, Brutz English with Liberty Hill Bee Company for bringing out an observation hive and speaking about the honeybees,  Jumparoos of GA for providing the bounce house, Home Depot for supplying the wood kits the students build, Will Godowns for bringing his tractor and bailer, Terry Ison and Kim Pohle for giving the students hayrides, The Mobile Dairy Classroom, DNR, Pike County 4H Extension Office and Pike County Farm Bureau for coming to help and speak to the students! We would also like to thank the following for sponsoring lunch for the teachers, bus drivers and volunteers, Kelly Lowe with Chick-Fil-A in Thomaston, and Bobbi Overton with Frito-Lay in Kathleen,” said Bartlett.

Students at Farm Day enjoyed petting the animals, learning about bees, seeing live reptiles, seeing the milking station, hearing from local farmers and getting hay rides from them as well as enjoying the inflatables and games during Farm Day.

“I would like to say thank you to principal April Teal and Amanda Cloy for trusting me with this project and most importantly allowing the second graders to come. I want to thank everyone who helped! I’m incredibly happy with the turn out and look forward to hosting it again in the upcoming years. A special thanks to my advisor Mrs. Bartlett for being there every step of the way and guiding me throughout the whole planning stage whether it was in class, over the phone, emails or texting. She was busy even the day of, taking pictures, helping set up and taking everything down and of course buying me ice cream afterwards,” said Annikah. “Thank you Brooklyn with Georgia 4-H, Pike County Farm Bureau and the Ag Authority for helping supply drinks, making sure I knew she was there if I ever needed a helping hand or a second opinion and helping me secure some of the rotations at Farm field day, and last but most definitely not least my wonderful mother Tabitha for staying up late working on the project with me, waking up early to set up, using her time to print things I needed, staying out late getting things situated and spending money out of her pocket to supply any needed items that were not donated. I couldn’t have done this without y’all by my side and I am extremely blessed and grateful to have the support system that I have by my side every step of the way and every day!”

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