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Swine Flu in Pike schools?

Apparently there are two students in Pike County school(s) who are being tested for swine flu. Neither the ages of the students nor the school(s) they attend was disclosed but indications are they are from the same family. Test results are expected within the next 48 hours. Superintendent Dr. Michael Duncan reported Wednesday morning he had talked to the family of the children. “One is better and under medical care and the other is in the wait and see mode,” he said. In urging citizens not to panic, Dr. Duncan added, “The most important thing to remember is that the CDC says to treat swine flu like you treat seasonal flu.” The school system has instituted its protocol for flu season by taking the following precautions: ’¢ Placing alcohol-free hand sanitizer in various locations in each school; ’¢ Disinfecting all classrooms and buses with aerosol disinfectant each evening; ’¢ Instructing personnel to be on the lookout for students exhibiting flu symptoms and unusual behavior. A letter will be sent home to parents today, Dr. Duncan said. “Parents can help by monitoring their children and keep them at home if they exhibit any symptoms of the flu,” he said. The possible swine flu news was first reported by Pike County administrator Steve Marro at this morning’s commission meeting. He said the county and Pike school system have enacted their Swine Flu emergency protocols in the wake of a possible case in one local school. Marro was passed a note regarding the possible flu outbreak at the meeting. He did not know which school was involved. Marro said, school system personnel are in the process of calling parents at the present time. Hayla Hall, Risk Communicator for District 4 Public Health, said, “typically we don’t see a flu breakout until mid-to-late-October and August is early.” Hall also noted that Swine Flu is treated the same as seasonal flu. If you are currently sick please stay home as it spreads quite quickly and in order to prevent an outbreak we need to limit exposure, she suggested. ”Healthy people, please wash your hands, practice good hygiene and practice cough etiquette,” she added. Seasonal influenza vaccines are recommended as well. “The difference is no one has immunity because this is a new strain. It has the potential of getting more people sick,” she added. More information to follow as it becomes available. For more information on the Center for Disease Control’s H1N1 Flu synopsis:

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