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Troubles continue for Zebulon’s triangle, fountain

The triangle south of Zebulon has been dubbed the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ after yet another wreck caused damage to the fountain since it was installed in mid-2013. Around 10 p.m. Jan. 26, Robert Rogers of Stockbridge caused major damage to the fountain. He was charged with failure to maintain lane and striking a fixed object. Several wrecks have damaged the landscaping but this time the fountain was demolished and the driver faces two charges. ’We never really had wrecks there before but we’ve had several people run through there since the fountain was installed,’ said Sgt. Keith Rader. A Chevy S-10 drove through a few rose bushes, clipped the Christmas tree in the center of the triangle then crashed into the fountain, breaking off all the stones atop it, knocking the piping loose and smashing the control box. The driver did have insurance and the costs should be covered but the fountain will be inoperable for at least several weeks. Just after the fountain was installed, it was hit by a prankster in September 2013 who dumped bubbles into the fountain. The teen was charged with criminal trespass. Then in October 2013, newly installed sod, landscaping, bushes and parts of the fountains irrigation system were destroyed. The landscaping and irrigation ‘“ worth around $10,000 ‘“ had been installed just two days before the wreck. According to unofficial reports, the driver was distracted by a bug and drove straight into the newly landscaped triangle.

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