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TSPLOST results: Resounding NO

Realtime results from this race follow. If you are not a subscriber, you may gain access by clicking the line of red type just above the Freshway ad on the homepage that reads, “First Time Users Sign Up HERE!” If you subscribe to the print edition, you can enter using data from the mailing label on your printed paper. Others can sign up using a credit card. DISTRICT UPDATE: At 11:15 p.m., TSPLOST was getting killed in the 3 Rivers District and had no chance for passage. No: 69.32% Yes: 30.68%. At 12:20 p.m., only two districts statewide had passed TSPLOST with another district too close to call. Precinct 1, Concord: YES 100 NO 227 Precinct 2, Hollonville: YES 101 NO 281 Precinct 3, Meansville: YES 109 NO 232 Precinct 4, Molena: YES 92 NO 246 Precinct 5, Second District: YES 124 NO 413 Precinct 6, Lifsey Springs: YES 88 NO 204 Precinct 7, Williamson: YES 78 NO 251 Precinct 8, Zebulon: YES 120 NO 270 Precinct 9, Advance: YES 257 NO 737 Absentee: YES 43 NO 134 Total: YES 1112 NO 2995

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