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Walker Chandler named Citizen of the Year, David Woods, Bobby Blalock leave legacies

By Dwain W. Penn Two public presentations were made during the Dec. 10 meeting of Zebulon council by mayor Bobby Blalock as he honored attorney Walker Chandler as Citizens of the Year and councilman David Woods for his years of service. Walker Chandler, a resident of Zebulon since 1975, was chosen as the city of Zebulon 2019 Citizen of the Year. Recognition was extended to include Chandler’s family in attendance, including his wife Ruth, son and daughter-in-law Zeb and Elizabeth, and granddaughter Clara. Ruth served in the past as mayor of Zebulon. ’When we first moved here Dewey Yarbrough was our neighbor,’ said Chandler. ‘The city looks so good today thanks to the hard work of city council. Larry Mitcham has been helpful with new projects. It is a real pleasure to be in a nice town like this. So much so, I named my son Zebulon. Thank you for this honor.”¨Councilman David Woods received a proclamation for his more than 30 years of service to the city. The December meeting was his last. ’We wanted to put the exact number of years David has served in the proclamation,’ said Blalock. ‘But his service is older than our records. It has been a pleasure to work with you.’ ’It has been a trip and I’ve enjoyed it,’ said Woods. ‘I wanted to help people. At times it hasn’t been easy. After all, we are human. Occasionally I would ask myself why I am doing this.’ Woods’ departure from council coincides with Blalock leaving. Joe Walter, the city’s mayor-elect, will preside in January. Throughout the meeting, for various agenda items, conversation turned to personal reflections in appreciation for Woods and Blalock. City administrator Larry Mitcham was one of the first to thank Woods for his service. Police chief Jonathan Hemphill thanked Woods and Blalock for their support of him and the department. They reciprocated with appreciation for the chief and his work to improve the city. Rob Morton noted that Woods was a vital part of the success of the city attorneys Morton and Morton. Dewey Yarbrough said he came in 1987. When he won a seat on council, he and David did not see eye to eye. Through mutual public service, their friendship grew stronger. Councilman Thomas Williams expressed appreciation for David due to Woods’ desire to help the public. Williams then shared circumstances of five dogs living behind his house and the danger of them developing into a pack. Council Mark Nalls, self-assessed as the new kid on council, filling Walter’s unexpired term, confessed he was a real good judge of character and realized there was a lot of knowledge available from David. Walker, Woods and Blalock have a combined 80-plus years of service to the city. Zebulon will flourish for many years to come due to the fruitful work these gentlemen have done.

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