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Williamson residents to see trash rate increase

By Dwain W. Penn

Williamson mayor Steve Fry offered, as part of his mayor’s comments, a trash collection fee schedule update at the June 15 meeting, for council’s consideration. Through a process of public presentations by local competing trash vendors and the final selection to keep AmWaste as the city provider, council approved June 15 an increase in garbage fee, effective July 1.

In the process of hearing the benefits and detriments of both Express sanitation and AmWaste, it was mentioned by council and the general public that Express’ fee was $1 higher than AmWaste, but with the latter finding an innovative solution to waste management and disposal in the next state, one should have expected AmWaste to raise fees to cover costs.

The public will see a rate increase of $14.50 to $18.50 per can. Cost for the second can, as needed, will be reduced, effective July 1. AmWaste is going to one can collection. Recyclables can now go in cart with regular garbage.


  • Heard the current balance, as of June 14, in the city budget is over $1,974,000.

    • Learned from city clerk Pamela Schoentag the cost of postage stamps is going up to 66¢ July 9. Residents are encouraged to do city business digitally to reduce cost of postage.

    • Heard Georgia BBQ circumvented the permit process in the recent expansion.
  • Learned an impromptu car lot popped up in the city.
  • Complained about the icehouse trash learning the city has the responsibility to have it removed at the icehouse’s expense.
  • Received an offer for the city to use Peach State airfield for future Wisteria festivals.
  • Received May library report from Schoentag of 295 patrons, $47.50 income and 73 books donated.

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