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Worries are bugging us all, I do think

By Kay S. Pedrotti

Within the three-day span of a July 4th weekend, we’ve been uplifted, outraged and saddened. The majority of us were fortunate enough to be “where we are” and in the midst of mostly sane, decent people who celebrated Independence Day without killing each other, destroying property, or going bankrupt trying to fill our gasoline tanks.

The price of everything, almost, has gone up unconscionably. What’s not happening because of inflation is happening because of greed. How can one grocery store outstrip two other chains for the same items? Why are people not taking trips on vacation or to see loved ones? To get away from the routine and rest is vital to physical performance, thinking straight, being nice to others, etc. We need trips, even the short ones!

I once saw a cartoon featuring a guy being carried in a big basket, toward a flaming background, and he says, “Where am I and what am I doing in this handbasket?” I don’t think we’ve quite reached that road yet, but many people think we are headed that way. Me, I can’t give up optimism, love and forgiveness – but that doesn’t mean I don’t get angry or cry or stomp my feet at inequities.

I will continue to advocate for my favorite solution to problems – people working together for the good of all. I understand that Americans may have “earned” the right to be as selfish as we are, but what good has it done us to be burdened with debts, failing health, absent children and grandchildren, and dwindling income? We can afford a lot of extras in our lives, so most of us have a house full. 

I’m now in the process of “culling” so I can sell unnecessary stuff at the next Hope Tree Ministries yard sale. At least I know for sure the money goes where it’s supposed to go – to people in true need. It seems Brother Jimmy Fambro has been, in the minds of many people, a victim of his past – no one seems able to understand that God found Jimmy and changed him radically. Just before he was headed for death or prison, according to him.

There are a number of ways that all of us can ease the burdens on the people here who are most in need of help. They are out there – look for them. Let your heart and your faith direct you when you give. I know there are charlatans out there, but if you hesitate when trying to give to them, they will redouble their efforts to persuade you – that’s just one way to recognize them.

My sister, a Pentecostal preacher, says that “Worry is a sin.” Wow. I surely do need a lot of forgiveness!

Kay S. Pedrotti has spent some 50 years writing for newspapers. She is a past president of Lamar Arts Inc. and now serves on the board of directors. She lives in Milner with her husband Bob Pedrotti.

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