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WWII veteran Robert Walther (far right) holds a birthday card and wears an American Legion Post 197 cap that was given to him on his 97th birthday by Post 197 Legionnaires Jeff Sheriff, Dennis Tea, Matt Germain, Bill Weekley, Stephen Golias, Tim Dukes, Ron Griffin and Bryan Richardson and Honor Guard members (l-r) Matt Germain, Stephen Golias and Bryan Richardson present Robert Walther with a birthday cake with Legionnaires Ted Gustin and Ronnie Griffin in the background.

WWII veteran celebrated on 97th birthday by special family

The Pike County American Legion Post 197 along with staff and residents of Pike Manor helped celebrate WWII veteran Robert Walther’s 97th birthday. 

Post 197 members through Facebook heard that Robert Walther was a WWII veteran at Pike Manor who did not have a family. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, members of Post 197 gathered at 1 p.m. on Jan. 8 and marched around to the patio doors of the Pike Manor cafeteria where the residents were just finishing up lunch. 

The Post Honor Guard presented Robert Walther with a birthday cake, a Post 197 birthday card, and a Post 197 baseball cap. 

“Mr. Robert” was made a member of the American Legion and a Legionnaire of Post 197.  Also, the Wicked Jeep Club followed with a Jeep Parade by the Pike Manor front door, and presented him with an Honorary Member plaque and some birthday gifts. 

“Mr. Robert now has Post 197 and the Wicked Jeep Club as his family,” said American Legion Post 197 historian Bryan Richardson.

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